Last 2 years our experience with WP Engine has been so good and we frequently get questions about who we use for WordPress hosting, it just seemed like a good idea. So here we go, why we are comfortable comparing a hosting company to that culinary delight know as bacon.


That’s one of the initial reasons we went to WP Engine. We had optimized the heck out of our site and still weren’t getting the sort of response time we were after. As you probably know, you not only lose users the longer it takes your site to load, but Google also uses page load time as a ranking signal. So speed is critical and WP Engine will server your site really fast! The team there uses only top-of-the line dedicated hardware and their hand-built WordPress-specific EverCache system delivers pages in 150 milliseconds. Not to mention they also have a fully-managed CDN baked in, but more on that later.


Come for the speed, stay for the features! These folks definitely know their way around WordPress and clearly understand the pain points associated with running sites at a production level. We manage sites for many of our clients and it’s critical our sites are secure and highly available. The WP Engine team gets that too and have incorporated a number of key operational features right into their service, no need to install back-up or security plugins, it’s all right there. So what are the features we love the most?

Nightly and ad-hoc backups — Every night backups are run on all of our sites, should something go wrong, that nightly backup is one click away. The ad-hoc backups are invaluable when upgrading plugins or changing configurations. Kick off a backup and in under a minute we’ll see an email notifying us the backup is complete. We can do whatever we need to on the site with the safety net of a restore just one click away.

Staging server — We use the staging server all the time, when larger updates are required on the site or you need to test out some new functionality. One click to spin up a staging environment where you can tweak and test to your hearts desire. We often have our clients approve changes on the staging server and then we’re one click away from pushing those up to production. Or heaven forbid the updates don’t go as expected and you totally bungle things on stage … no problem, just push down the current copy from production and start over.

Content distribution network (CDN) — A fully baked in CDN, no additional plugins or services to deal with. Simply flip the switch and your static content will be delivered by servers located around the world. This is one of the keys to having a fast site, and it’s all wrapped into the WP Engine offering.

Security — This one is huge for us. It’s so comforting to know these guys have our backs. They have a number of proactive precautions in place and the WP Engine guarantee: “We’ll do everything we can to ensure your WordPress site won’t get hacked. And if your WordPress site still gets hacked, WP Engine hosting services will fix it…at no additional charge to you.” You can’t beat that!

Many, many more — We’ve listed a few of our favorites, but the list goes on from their Git Push integration to the ease of adding 301 Redirects. And they continue to add new and useful features.

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