Keeping in mind the current trend of online shopping in India, Expo Exhibition Stands India featured the online stall finder tool on their company website. The tool enables their clients to explore an extensive range of over 250 exhibition stall design ideas online. With three clicks, a wide selection of reusable exhibition stalls ranging from 6m2 to 30 m2 are available in various types. The stall finder tool has a filter option to select the stall type, i.e., row stand, island stand, three sides open stand or corner stand as well as price range to make it easier for their client to choose a stand that fits their budget.

The company introduced the user-friendly tool as one of their exhibition stall services in India with a motive to simplify the overall buying process. Therefore, they have kept all the information handy to help their clients make an informed decision when purchasing the exhibition stall design. These contemporary designs and versatile usability are available at transparent prices, which ensure that there are no hidden costs involved in it.

The company offers these small-size stands at affordable prices, which are ideal for exhibitors with tight budgets who are planning to participate in multiple exhibitions. Being an exhibition stall manufacturer company for a decade, they have built various small and medium-sized exhibition stalls that have been used by their clients. Their online finder tool helps to envision and gives a perspective of how a portable exhibition stall of a particular size would look like at the event.