Despite its surface hardness, which even surpasses the oak wood, the bamboo fences are elastic and therefore very comfortable to walk on.

With the right care and an appropriate indoor climate, the lifespan of the bamboo floor exceeds the growth time of the bamboo plant many times over.

Ecological and diverse:

The bamboo belongs to the genus of grasses and is the fastest growing plant in the world. After only five years, the trunks are wooded and suitable for processing into a bamboo floor. This means that the bamboo provides a particularly good ecological balance since large-scale deforestation and reductions in stock do not play a role.

A strand woven bamboo flooring can be laid as a parquet or in the form of boards or planks. In terms of color, thebamboo house facades appear untreated in the shades of natural light, a yellowish-beige color or in the so-called light brown, a medium brown color.

Pay attention to the hard base layer and air humidity:

It is very important for a bamboo flooring with a base layer such as the multi-layer parquet or bamboo panels applied to wood that the surface is not too soft.

A bamboo floor is hard and at the same time elastic so that dents remain depressed by objects falling if the carrier layer, which is too soft, gives way.

A bamboo floor can tolerate moisture such as in the bathroom. Damage can, however, occur due to insufficient air humidity, as is the case with dry heating air.

What you should do for maintenance?

For natural wood floors, it is recommended to dry clean with special products. If the wood is thick, the stabbing technique can be applied if it is damaged at any time. For bamboo blinds that have protection against moisture does not mean that you can abuse the use of water since they have wood fibers that could be damaged.

As for the stoneware do not worry because they are super resistant and you can clean them with the amount of water you like, and best of all, you can use the detergent of your choice.

For vinyl floors be careful with solvents, although you won’t have to worry much about cleaning because they are resistant to stains and dirt.

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