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You might be an individual, institute, or business head who is in need of the top-class T-shirt printing designs. Thus, for that, there are a lot of methods that are used in Singapore. We have even interviewed these T-shirt manufacturers and asked around regular customers who are using such a T-shirt for their experience and knowledge about the same.

It has been gauged from the customer interviews and their knowledge about the T-shirt printing methods that Silkscreen printing is best for using a single colour, Embroidery gives a professional look to the clothes or the attires that are needed to be printed, whereas, Vinyl printing involving printing out the letters and designs that are of Vinyl and then, later on, pasting the same on the classic T-shirt these customers have liked for years.

One such customer said, “I have been running a small business, and I ask for the regular teenager T-shirts from Provisionprint. It is a very good company that I can rely on to increase my business further for delivering customer satisfaction to the youngsters in Singapore and around.”

It proved that not only single users but also the retailers or those who are trying to open their start-up are regularly buying such a T-shirt to meet the needs of the youngster or even the professional students or employees.

We were curious about the printing methods, so we even got the chance to talk to a senior official of Provisionprint. He gently spoke, “In Singapore, you will get at least 5-10 different T-shirt printing styles. It changes with the season and the demand of the ultimate customer. So, we make sure that our printing methods are always in trend to our immediate customers what they need.”

We further asked him about elaborating on the printing methods they deploy. He smiled and didn’t take a second more to answer promptly. He said, “Sure, why not. I would love to give a brief. We use methods like Embroidery, Digital heat transfer, Dye sublimation, Vinyl, DTG Printing, and many other methods that are in demand in the market.”


There are multiple T-shirt printing methods in Singapore, out of which the majority of them are deployed by Provisionprint. You can visit their website here to get more information on the same.

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