Debut album has pre-released on all the digital platforms, from itunes and amazonmp3 to spotify and applemusic. Because of the covid-19 crisis, the physical cd and vinyl album sales have been delayed until June 1st. The decision to digitally release the album came from band leader, J.J.J.J. “We’ve been working toward this for a long time, and even though everyone is having to stay home, we felt we owed it to everyone and ourselves to at least release the album on the digital platforms.” Originally slated for a simultaneous release with the vinyl and cd versions, the band felt their unique, uplifting brand of rock and roll needed to be released. “It’s time,” the band’s bassist, mudcat explains. “The world needs some fun, and rock and roll needs a real revival.”
Black Water Mountain augmented their unique sound with with cameos from some great musicians, including B.B. King’s saxophone player, Eric Demmer, and Jazz singer, Tianna Hall. “The pieces fell together like agiant puzzle, and people just came together and everybody brought a bit of themselves to make a great album.” That, according to J.J.J.J., is what makes Black Water Mountain unique.
This is the first in a scheduled trilogy of albums to be released over the next 18 months. While the band is tight-lipped about the future releases, they do promise that next albums will be a big change and an evolution, while remaining true to the soul of the rock and roll they Play.

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