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There can be numerous reasons why a new or used forklift for sale won’t start. However, the reason for the issue doesn’t make a difference, truly, as long as you can depend on an expert technician to fix your forklift instantly. What to do when the person can’t help you the same day by repairing it. You have to check for the issue and need to fix that forklift yourself. In major cases, if an electric forklift is starting then there can be a battery issue.

Signs of forklift battery issues

Before you begin fixing things that aren’t broken, it’s essential to see whether it truly is the forklift battery that is causing the issue.

• Check for the headlights of the forklift.
• Look if the headlights are stills glowing when you blow the horn of the forklift.

If the headlights are dead, your forklift issue with the main power fuse. It’s best to seek professional help for forklift repair. If the headlights dim when the horn is blown or when you’re trying to start the forklift, then you are lucky that the forklift for sale is a low battery issue. Charge the battery then begin starting the forklift. If still, it doesn’t start then you have to change the battery.

Forklift safety first!

If there is smoke coming from the battery, then tell your co-workers to leave the place immediately as it can explode or catch fire. Always keep a fire extinguisher nearby.

Your forklift still won’t start? Call Northern Forklifts

If you’ve replaced the battery yourself but still the forklift is not starting, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team of a trained and skilled technician who can help you with the repair or service required for your forklift. We have new forklifts for sale, used forklifts trucks, Forklift hire or rentals and forklift service and parts as well as forklift driver training in Auckland.

Get in touch with our team for your site assessment. We will help you with the right forklift that will meet your business requirements.