London and Dubai based body transformation gym, Embody Fitness, responds to COVID-19 lockdowns by rolling out a new module of its online training programme focused on home workouts. The new programme is designed to help people all over the world in lock down, offering two free weeks of online personal training. Training and follow up is delivered via a free-to-download Smartphone App available for IOS and Android.
COVID-19 has created a new reality for a huge proportion of people around the world. A large portion of the world’s population has moved indoors. The lockdown, designed to curtail the spread of the virus, has not stopped Embody Fitness from designing a new online training module to help its clients stay fit in isolation. The new home workout module has been added to its existing online training application usually focused on remotely delivering award-winning body transformations. Embody has launched this brand new home workout module as an option added to its existing online personal fitness program. The service is offered completely free to its existing clients and a free 2 week trial is provided for those new to Embody.
Embody Fitness operates private training gyms in London and Dubai, helping clients lose more than 10,000 kgs of fat since 2011. Years of experience, expertise and knowledge has been condensed into a new online personal training program. The online fitness program is designed to help clients achieve the same results, from the comfort of their own home.
Embody Online, the online personal training service, is delivered via a free Smartphone App and is available for both IOS and Android devices. Embody Fitness leverage their uniquely holistic approach that has delivered stunning body transformation results for hundreds of clients since 2011.
Clients of the online personal training program will be paired with a dedicated personal trainer and nutritionist, who create an individually tailored workout program and nutritional plan complemented by round the clock follow up via in-app messaging and weekly check-ins. The online personal training program has been designed to be just as effective for total beginners as it is for conditioned athletes, and the workouts can happen at home, in your garden or at a gym.
Embody Fitness has launched a home version of this online personal training program to allow its personal trainers and nutritionists to continue to assist people to achieve their fitness goals while at home in lockdown. In such uncertain times, particularly for those who are self-isolating in order to help curtail the spread of COVID-19, staying fit and staying in shape will be a crucial factor to mitigate and avoid the negative impact to mental health and emotional wellbeing. With this understanding, Embody Fitness is providing a free version of the online personal training service that will give anyone a free 2 week trial with no credit/debit card details required.
Embody Fitness operates high end personal training body transformation gyms in London and Dubai focused on delivering the very best client experience. Our approach combines the knowledge and expertise of world-leading personal trainers and nutritionist to deliver incredible transformations that have changed the lives of hundreds of our clients. Since launching in 2011, Embody Fitness has helped clients lose more than 10,000 kgs of fat. Find out more about Embody Fitness in London by visiting and Embody Fitness’ luxury gym in Dubai by visiting