Seatronx manufactures military cameras and other rugged electronics for Marine, Military, and Industry applications. Seatronx is a proud electronics equipment distributor to the Orlaco Specialized Camera system. These camera systems are used specifically in military and riot control vehicles for better vision. It is of low cost and offers a competitive price among its competitors. The camera provides high-quality vision, safety, efficiency and it is easy to handle. The cameras comply with IATF 16949 International Automotive Standards. The different cameras available are

Corner Eye:
Corner Eye Digital HD camera systems give you the perfect view of the blind spots at the front and side of your trucks. This camera offers the 270-degree field of vision that helps you to get a good view of cyclists and pedestrians so that you can drive smoothly in traffic conditions.

Mirror Eye:
It replaces the side mirror on the trucks and gives better visibility for drivers. It is well equipped with a high-definition night vision and automatic panning feature. This helps to save up to 2% of fuel compared to the conventional truck with side mirrors.

Radar Eye:
The combination of rear view and radar view camera on your truck helps to reverse your vehicle efficiently. It is stuffed with sensors to alarm you about the dangerous situations via sound signals and overlays. This Orlaco Camera system can be improved by adding additional sensors.

Local Safety Awareness System:
This peculiar Surround View system gives full 360-degree coverage of your truck without any delay. The images around the truck are visible without any blurry or distorted overlaps. Images are displayed as layouts which can be altered upon the direction indicators and speed of the vehicle.

Crew Space Awareness System:
These Crew Space Awareness System cameras are placed on the outer side of the vehicle and the images are displayed inside the vehicle in different monitors. It gives the Crew a clear indication of what is happening outside the vehicle. An additional IR night view variant is also available to make things easy during the night.

Seatronx is a manufacturer, distributor, and designer of rugged electronic equipment crafted especially for military, maritime and industrial applications. Each product is designed to meet the expectation of consumers and provides an unprecedented performance. The electronic Items include displays, tablets, computers, panel pc, cameras, CCTV, trackballs and keyboards. All the electronic items are prepared as per the industry standards and beyond. To know more about military camera visit,

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