Andrew Sobko, an entrepreneur and the CEO of the logistic company is making new artificial intelligence for transportation CDL 1000.

Andrew Sobko has announced his latest artificial intelligence for transportation CDL 1000. CDL 1000 is a marketplace that connects brokers, customers, and carriers in one integrated platform for saving money and maximizing street turn opportunities. The CDL 1000 provides hundreds of intermodal hauling solutions for easier and convenient transportation services. The CDL 1000 is a Smart Logistic Technology that is beneficial for customers, broklers, and hauling drivers, as it provides many features, including :

  • Real time tracking.

  • Historical DATAbase of all completed loads.

  • Driver App

“CDL 1000’s Smart Logistic Technology will increase the load ratio from 50% to over 80%,” said Andrew Sobko, the corporate CEO. He also explained that CDL 1000 Smart Logistic Technology could save the industry over twenty billion within the US and over forty billion worldwide, because of the smart artificial technology that is able to match export and import moves.

Andrew Sobko is an important figure behind several businesses in the USA. And probably he is the best model for inspiration in business enterprises. As a serial entrepreneur and logistics expert, he comes up with many businesses, among them are CDL 1000 – An Intermodal Project, Shares in New York Central Holdings LLC, Donations by Andrew Sobko, and Natex Boxing Promotions.

Andrew Sobko has worked with several renowned figures in the world such as Charles Koch, the 11th-richest person in the world, and Rudy Giuliani, the President Donald Trump’s attorney. Once Charles said that he hasn’t ever seen a person like Andrew. He also mentioned that Andrew has built a stronger relationship by creating values for others. Charles also said that Andrew’s businesses are targeting the agencies to grow and expand for the future.

Last year, Andrew was met with President Donald Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani at the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach. Andrew was seeking Giuliani’s legal advice on a business matter. Andrew said that he has a close relationship with Rudy Giuliani, he also represents his smart logistic program to Rudy Guliani.

About Andrew Sobko

Andrew Sobko is a serial entrepreneur and logistic expert. During his career, he has met some important figures in the world and runs some businesses that grow. One of Andrew Sobko’s businesses is CDL 1000, a Smart Logistic Technology for transportation solution. The CDL 1000 is available for customers, brokers, and drivers. Sign up now to become a partner or to find hundreds of intermodal hauling solutions. For more information about CDL 1000, please visit