Is the meeting room table too big? Are the lights not proper? Your guide to hiring a meeting room should be based on the rules of professional architecture.

31st March 2020, Hobart

Invariably, the significance of a conference room in a corporate house is unparalleled. Therefore, if you have been into a frantic spree of meeting room hire in Hobart, you probably have not yet recognised the precise dimensions of one. A meeting room should fulfil a string of functional criteria.

Improperly Designed HVAC Systems

No one who has had his share of corporate conferences can deny the significance of a quiet and encouraging ambience. However, various corporate offices tend to grieve over the unnecessary intrusion of too much noise. An improperly executed HVAC system is the culprit.

One cannot, after all, allow for the dynamic ambience of a fine dining restaurant in Hobart while in a conference room. In the case of a weak HVAC system, both mechanical noise and the noise created by air hissing through the ductwork are possible. It is vital to use noise curves to come up with a holistic spectrum of surrounding sounds before installing the HVAC system.

The Influence of Seating Arrangements

Those on a wild search for meeting room hire in Hobart would do good to know that there are psychological implications of the seating arrangements in a conference room.

According to experts, there are two kinds of seating arrangements. A gridded table, for instance, channels energy towards the conductor of the meeting. A radial table, on the other hand, directs energy to the concentrated centre. The former is more conducive to a meeting room. The latter is typically found in a traditional fine dining restaurant in Hobart.


Experts have time and again highlighted the social dimensions of corporate architecture. It is vital in that a corporate office revolves around positive relationships between various strata. Therefore, while hiring a meeting room, have an expert along in studying the nuances of architecture. A sound ambience makes for a sound gathering.