Waterproofing has always been a major concern for the basement areas. And keeping the lockdown situation in mind, the problems of molds and mildews have been creating a serious concern. To keep these problems at bay, DryShield has offered some valuable tips and basement waterproofing Toronto solutions for all the residents.

The most common reason for wet basements in Toronto as per the waterproofing company is the seepage of external water through cracks or internal leakage. Besides, moisture creeps in the basement walls when your foundation is exposed to any source of water. This then creates the problem of molds and mildews, which can affect the health of people residing there. It also deteriorates the building materials making the foundation of your house weak.

According to the company”s spokesperson, you can take temporary steps to rectify the problem of a wet basement. Check for any cracks or joints on the interior as well as exterior walls of the basement. If there are any, seal them off to arrest the water seepage through the walls. Also, check for the water source that is creating problems by seeping in through your walls. If you can restrict the water source by eliminating the use of diverting the course, try doing that for better results. These two solutions should work for you to avoid basement problems.

However, the company states that these are just temporary measures to rectify the problem for the lockdown period. You need to call a professional contractor for basement waterproofing Toronto for permanent solutions.

About the company –
DryShield is a waterproofing contracting company that has been working for the last two decades in the field. They are specialists in this area and well-known for their basement waterproofing services in Toronto. It is a certified firm that can easily handle residential as well as commercial projects with 100% satisfactory results.

Nathan Thava
Toronto, Canada