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2020 has been a very turbulent year so far and the whole world is currently facing a global pandemic. Corona – a word that nobody wants to hear anymore but is still on everyone’s mind.

A lockdown was ordered in many places. Many people are only allowed to leave the house to go grocery shopping or to work. But the question remains, how do you protect yourself from the virus at work?

You should definitely follow the government’s instructions. Wash your hands regularly for 30 seconds, do not sneeze into the air or your hands, use a tissue or your sleeve. Take hand sanitizer with you when you leave the house. If you do not have hand sanitizer because it is sold out, you can mix a solution with alcohol yourself. You can also make protective masks yourself if necessary.

On the way to work you should keep a distance of at least 2 m from other people. In the office you should have enough antibacterial wipes to wipe the keyboard, doorknob, telephone, etc. There is a lot of bacteria on the phone screen. It is advisable to clean the cell phone regularly and use the loudspeaker function when making calls.

For important conferences, you should make an appointment for a phone call or a video conference, there are many different providers for this.

If you normally share the office with someone, it makes sense to alternate daily who works in the office and who works from home. And of course don’t forget to ventilate regularly.

Rieta de Soet has implemented all the important measures in her company, Global Management Consultants AG, in order to offer their customers and employees the highest possible level of security. GMC AG offers flexible office solutions and also valuable tips in relation to a wide range of work-related topics.