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The following press release is written to provide information about the M.Y. Contractors firm, a company that can help you with the renovation of your home or your garage.

If your house is old and outdated, then you might feel fed up with the designs of the various portions of our home. When you are a tenant living in some rented accommodation, you could easily search for a new home and simply move. But if you own your home, then you’ll need to think about refurbishing parts of your house to give your rooms a more modern appearance. If you are considering doing that, then you’ll need to hire pros that offer the installation and refurbishment of homes in a well-planned way. However, you must find some trustworthy contractor or firm that could assure you of its completion to accomplish this. One such a successful firm is M.Y. Contractors, where we have good experience in garage converts in Calabasas. Additionally, we could also refurbish other areas of your home.

You could also approach us for updates to your home’s interior. We are also experienced in adding new rooms to residential structures with our best in class designs. You can go through our website to view samples of our work. We also help our clients with the exterior remodeling of their homes. You can provide your contact details on the Contact Us page of our website and specify the type of service that you like to receive, such as kitchen, bathroom, flooring, or general remodeling. Our general contractor, Westlake Village experts, will call you and further discuss your requirements for materializing the best work.

We have proven ourselves with our quality designs for the last twenty years. Our renowned home designers have experience in completing projects in the Agoura Hills region of California. All of our clients have always been happy with our work, and they have written us testimonials, which you could read at websites such as Yelp, Instagram, Facebook, and more. We are a licensed constructor and modeler, and our work is covered with a guarantee of customer satisfaction. We use the best design systems to make our clients understand the differences after our alteration or renovation work is complete. We are always passionate about delivering the best services to our clients.

Contact us:

MY Contractors, Inc.
Phone: 1 (855) 556-1631
Address: 5737 Kanan Road Agoura Hills, CA 91301