When a person wants the highest quality crystals, the first name that comes to mind is Swarovski. This century-old Australian Crystal manufacturer has specialized in machine cut crystals, which boasts luxury and precision ever since 1892.
In the 1960s, Swarovski developed a famous Aurora Borealis (Ab) crystal with Christian Dior that added an explosion of colorful rainbow sparkles to the surface of crystals. Ever since then, the brand has collaborated with several top-notch designers like Louis Vuitton, Louboutin, Channel, and several others. Women of all ages love to flaunt their beauty in Swarovski. Swarovski’s museum showcases an invaluable collection of gems and precious beads.
How Are Swarovski Crystals Made?
While it is true that the company has not exposed its manufacturing process, which has remained a top-secret till now, we do know that Swarovski Beads are made of sand, natural minerals, and quartz. The actual product is a human-made glass, which comprises of 32% concentration of lead. Though lead is toxic, wearing glass jewelry is not harmful to the human body. Lead gives these crystals extra brilliance and sparkle.
It was Swarovski who patented their cutting machine and then allowed a technology-driven cut in the crystals to create a high refraction index. The machine cutting of these crystals is so powerful and precise that it generates over 100 mirrors and light that can be bent in any direction. After the complex cutting process, these crystals can be polished to perfection. Some of these products have particular types of coatings that feature a combination of the brand’s secret chemical formula and a degree of the precision cut. Swarvoski crystals are now more expensive than regular glass because of the excellent materials used while they are manufactured.
If you want to flaunt your affluence with a precious crystal, then purchase a Swarvoski. Most people that are fond of wearing high-quality beads, crystals, and jewelry purchase Swarvoski. With the help of 14 K findings in the case of gold or other precious metals, the best possible jewelry meeting your requirements can be manufactured.

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