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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the tool that is required for every website and online business. Nowadays you cannot ignore SEO when you rely on search engines for traffic. Domain name is the identity of your website and does this affect SEO? The answer is YES! The domain name having keywords will boost your website. But the domain name is not the only thing required for ranking. The website also requires backlinks, quality content and social media sharing.
For Example: will rank better than Here we have shared some reasons how a generic domain name affects SEO.
Relatable Domain extension

Nowadays, you can find many domain extensions without relying on .com extension. Therefore, always choose a domain extension that describes your business well. You can choose TECH, STORE, PRESS, ONLINE, NET, GOV, EDU and many more. Tech can be used for technical blog, Store for commerce site, Gov for government site and so on. This will make your viewer relate to your business and it will be credible as well. You should also choose a country specific domain name extensions such as
domains pk if you want to target just the pakistani audience.

User Perception
Always choose the domain name that impresses your user. The domain name having a related extension will surely impress your client or viewer. Because when the user is typing, he is sure that it’s an online website showing paints for sale. Hence, the short, comprehensive, direct and easy names can target the audience. Therefore, more audience means more are the chances your website will rank on Google.
Branding your domain name is also important. Use the brand name as a domain name. Don’t stick to .com because most websites are using this extension. About 75% of website use .com extension. Therefore, finding your required name will not be an easy task. Try to find your brand name in any other extension. This will develop your brand name and business.
Area-Specific Domain
Always target your audience and make your website according to the audience. Google ranks the sites concerning locations as well. Moreover, it’s easy to rank your website in the local areas rather than globally. If you have a local business that targets your local area audience, then it’s highly recommended to use geo-specified domain extensions such as
.pk domains to rank your site.
Keyword Domains
Use the domain name having a keyword. This tip is SEO friendly because the search engines including Google, still bold the keyword in domain name. Try to use the high ranked keyword in your domain name. This will give a positive impact on ranking your website.
Here we conclude that these are the easy tips that you can choose while selecting a good name for your business website. However, the domain name is not the only thing that will rank your site in search engines. There are many other items that you need to consider. Such as, produce quality content, use backlinks, share on social platforms, use keywords, build outbound links and buy the best domain name. We hope you will develop your website soon. Good Luck.