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In the past, wealthy families adorned themselves in gold .Ever since, people have wanted to get their hands on jewelry made of gold, silver, platinum, and more. Since this jewelry is expensive, though, a market for cheap products has grown. The bad news sometimes people sell cheap products as expensive ones. If you are in the wholesale diamond jewelry market in New York, then you need to be careful of such crooks.

Today, people know the difference between expensive, precious gems and knockoff metals. The good news is that both markets have grown – there are those who have the budget for rare, expensive pieces and those who just want something fun, flirty, and affordable to wear once in a while.

You need to find a reliable jeweler. Don’t get fooled by counterfeits. If you want to shop an authentic New York wholesale jeweler, then you need to consider Charles Stern. We bring elegant, trendy, and sophisticated jewelry sets to the table. Our firm was founded in 1966. We offer a wide array of jewelry products for all occasions.

Beyond retail, we also serve the wholesale market. That’s right! Jewelry shop owners can shop in bulk at discounted rates. Visit our website to checkout our collection. To make your work easier, our website is divided into easy to search categories: Rings, Necklaces, Earrings, Pendants, and Bracelets. We even post a “new arrivals” section where you can see the latest trends in jewelry. Speaking of trends, you may want to pay a visit to the “best sellers” page to see what has been popular with consumers as of late.

When it comes to Diamond Manufacturers in New York, you can find the latest products from around the world (Belgium, India, Israel, China, and Thailand) right in your own backyard in New York. Head to Charles Stern to learn more.

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