For many, house designs plans are the biggest investment of their life. It is therefore important to tackle this project carefully. Among other things, this can save a lot of money and trouble. If you want to plan your building construction, do not hesitate to get in touch with us We also offer a high quality of building materials.

The following summary of how to get to your own home should now give you an overview of what you should also pay attention to

The first step is planning the budget:

Only those who know exactly how much they can, may and may spend on their dream home should start looking for a suitable building site.

He should set his monthly payment for himself and of course clarify with the bank and ask them how much money he can and wants to borrow.

In short, the funding framework should be clarified to avoid financial surprises.

Of course, we can assist you with the cost planning of your construction project. We support you from the beginning. Also, you can use a construction cost calculator on our site.

Not every plot can be built on. There are clear rules:

Is there a development plan or are there any structural restrictions that need to be observed? How and where are the supply lines? How do property prices come about? The prices fluctuate depending on the location, connection to the access routes or status of the terrain, e.g. whether it is a leasehold property.

So it is important to find the right place! Many think that a sloping slope cannot be built on, of course, this is not the case. Dream houses are also built on slopes.

If you want to build your dream house, do not hesitate to get in touch with i13. We are one of the leading construction companies.

Who is building the house and how?

Today there are many ways to build or have your own home built. One likes everything from his own hand, the other prefers to do a lot himself. A completely different builder pulls aside an architect who designs a house. There are prefabricated houses and there is the valued and solid stone-on-stone construction.

So it is important to be well informed and seek advice.

We work with different companies and architects and can get involved with you at any request. The advantage for you is that you e.g. can save money through a lot of personal contributions.

Otherwise, we will take care of the entire package for you. We can do everything you want and need – From the basement to the roof.