MoveStrong recently teamed up with the Fontana community an outstanding multifaceted outdoor fitness and obstacle course training MoveStrong designed a powerful tool to help cadets ace their physical requirements with our innovative outdoor MoveStrong fitness and obstacle course located at Fontana High School. The fitness and obstacle course features many of our well-loved legacy favorites like our T-Rex Functional Training Station as well as several new stars like the Functional Staircase and Ramp. And, of course, the design was fully custom with colors and logos.

Along with the equipment provided, MoveStrong provided the cadets with a full group functional training introduction. This ensures that the cadets are properly trained in using the MoveStrong products to their fullest potential and cadets get the best training possible. The functional fitness training included bodyweight exercises and MoveStrong-specific Obstacle Course training, the importance of diversity in exercise, technique and creative ideas to build usable strength, balance, agility. Safety and power to conquer obstacles, Regress/Progress exercises, accessory training tools to incorporate in workouts.

“With MoveStrong tools available to them, when these cadets participate in the National JROTC Fitness Challenge Championships they will be ready to power through even the toughest of physical challenges. We are always excited to become involved with community fitness and support the mission of the ROTC to provide world-class leadership training opportunities. At the Fontana High School in California, we got to share our passion for fitness with a young group of ROTC cadets by creating one of the most innovative training course designs in fitness. The course helps cadets ensure that they are prepared to pass their fitness tests,” says Jared Kuka, founder of MoveStrong.

Watch cadets in training here: To learn more about MoveStrong or to receive high resolution images of this project, contact Jared Kuka at (855) 728-8700 or by email at