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If you plan a visit to Italy to discover its wonders, don’t forget to also enjoy its delicious dishes, sweets, and drinks. Each region, each city offers something particular and unique that you will like.

1. Neapolitan pizza:

Neapolitan pizza is also known as Naples-style pizza. It is a style of pizza made with tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. If you want raw material to make, do not hesitate to buy it from Italian Tomato suppliers.

Pizza Neapolitan is, without a doubt, the most famous and delicious dish in Italy. So good that it is known throughout the world. It is interesting to taste a pizza made in Italy and notice the differences between the pizzas made in our countries. You will be surprised that the Italian is much simpler but at the same time tasty.

2. Bolognese:

It is simply spaghetti with tomato sauce and ground beef and is, like pizza, one of Italy’s iconic dishes known and cooked around the world. Although you have already eaten it, or already know how to cook it, we also advise you to try a pasta dish made by an Italian. To make this dish, you can get all the raw materials from authentic Italian Pasta Suppliers.

3. A mixed plate of Sausages and Cheese:

The Italian sausages and cheeses are so many and varied that you will be able to spend years in Italy and you have not yet tried them all, as well as it is difficult to select the best since they are all exquisite.

So if you want to add this item in your restaurant menu, buy it from Authentic Italian suppliers.

4. Sicilian Cannoli:

The Sicilian Cannoli is one of the best-known specialties of Sicilian pastry. It is a tube of hard pasta, similar to puff pastry but more resistant and crispy, filled with a sweet cream made mainly with cottage cheese.

It is so delicious and famous that they prepare them in almost any pastry shop in Italy, however, they say that “as they do it in Sicily, they don’t do it anywhere else.” Wherever it is, don’t stop trying it – it’s delicious. Do not miss adding to your menu. Buy raw materials from Italian Food service suppliers.

5. Tiramisu:

The quintessential Italian sweet, known worldwide for being so exquisite. It is a cake made with some cookies, coffee, cocoa powder and Mascarpone a cheese very similar to cottage cheese.

Tiramisu was born in Venice centuries ago, but today it is a cake that is made throughout Italy. Get its raw material from Italian Pastry suppliers.