Integrated Minds Clinic is a comprehensive mental health therapy and consultation on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

Sunshine Coast, Australia, March 26, 2020 – Integrated Minds Clinic is proudly presenting integrated support for medicare telehealth psychology sessions. Telehealth psychology sessions are virtual psychology sessions for wellness and mental health problems, where Integrated Minds Clinic psychologists are available to make video sessions with patients in remote areas. The sessions are also beneficial for busy people who don’t have time to attend offline sessions or those who prefer therapy sessions in their own homes. According to Integrated Minds Clinic Manager, the telehealth psychology sessions are beneficial now, as the world is facing the coronavirus, and people are practicing self-isolation or quarantine.

Integrated Minds Clinic is an Australian psychological and counseling practice that serves Individual therapy, Couples Therapy, Family Therapy, Teen Psychology, and Child Psychology. The Integrated Minds Clinic manager said, “You should meet a Psychologist when you find yourself unwell, uncomfortable feelings, or become anxious facing daily problems.” She also explains, “Integrated Minds Clinic provides highly trained, fully regulated, and registered Psychologists with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). We are using only evidenced-based techniques to give you actionable steps to create a fulfilling and meaningful life.”

Mental health therapy has an important role in modern society. By attending psychological therapy sessions, a person can improve their quality of life. Other benefits of psychological therapy and treatments include a reduction in anxiety, clearer thinking, improving moods, a greater sense of calm or inner peace, increasing self-esteem, improvements in relationships, and reduced risk of depression.

Integrated Minds Clinic provides evidenced-based techniques to cope with stress and anxiety. Integrated Minds Clinic is available to support its clients with trained and experienced psychologists with a professional approach to overcoming their clients’ mental health problems. To book a session or make an appointment with our Psychologists, please call (07) 5458 4800 or visit the official website at

About Integrated Minds Clinic

Integrated Minds Clinic is one of the well respected Integrative health clinics on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. The company aims to provide professional psychological therapy and consultation, which include treatment for Stress, Anxiety, ADHD, Autism, Depression, Grief & Loss, and Postnatal Depression. Integrated Minds Clinic has been operating on the coast for seven years. The clinic is also serving a consultation and therapy session for individuals, families, couples, children, and teens. For more information about Integrated Minds Clinic and its services, please visit