Tradition is a vibrant word, it is a promise of quality. In the Persian carpet sense, they mean the most beautiful wool yarns and the knotted complex that is hardly found in other rugs in the world.

The colors of the east are drawn from nature and create motifs that are later knotted. This region is for this reason a place of attraction for many. Red, blue and ocher give the fundamental tone to oriental rugs, but there are also bright colors. Each carpet has its own character and there are them for all kinds of palates. So it is advisable to buy it from authentic Iranian rug store.

Tradition is not only promise, but also commitment. We are fully aware of that and therefore you will only find the best hand-made rugs here.

Our traditional Persian rugs in the Online Store are – and we guarantee – products, which have been painstakingly crafted to maintain the reputation of the word “Persian rug”. In addition, they meet all the quality requirements associated with them.

In order to buy Handmade Persian rugs in a souk without being scammed, it is advisable to have previously learned about the peculiarities of this product and put into practice the famous art of haggling.

Basic knowledge to buy a Persian rug:

Although the big hotels and online stores have interesting carpet shops, to Buy Persian Rugs it is always advisable to buy it from authentic stores such as

On online store, where there is a lot of competition and, in general, in the shops there is an opportunity to sit down to have a cup of tea and chat for a while. other issues until the visitor’s need to deal with their future acquisition arises.

It is better to secure some knowledge about rugs so as not to rush and regret later. There are several characteristics common to all of them. To buy a Persian rug it is good to know that they all have the following characteristics in common: they are wool, handmade and knotted.

Attention to the art of haggling:

At the same time, it is necessary to differentiate between a used and a new carpet. The used ones are the most affordable, the new ones have a higher value and the oldest ones are still more expensive because they are collectors’ items; some pieces look like silk rugs, but are actually tapestries to be hung and not to be stepped on.