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For flavor, for freshness, for popularity, because it fills us with memories of travel and childhood because it is liked by almost everyone.

Italian cuisine is one of the most popular in the world. For this reason, and because we feel like it, today we bring you various essential dishes of the gastronomy of Italy that you must know.

Do you make a pizza?

Do you know that the origin of Pizza is Italy? It is surely the most popular dish in Italian gastronomy. This enriched variant of bread has its origin in 17th century Naples, where it began to be made as we enjoy it today. However, we would have to wait until the end of the 19th century to add cheese. If you want to add authentic Pizza in your menu, do not miss to buy Italian Food products from us.


This type of long and thin pasta is another culinary symbol of the transalpine country. Its name derives from the word Spago (in Italian, cord). It seems that they were already consumed in the 12th century. The most common way was to serve them with olive oil, cheese, and pepper; It would not be until the 18th century when tomato sauce was incorporated. Buy pasta from authentic Italian Pasta products.


It is another Italian delicacy that supports a wide variety of recipes and variants. The recipes depend a lot on the taste of the cook and the area of Italy.

Perhaps the most famous is the Bolognese lasagna, with tomato sauce and ragout. Bechamel, a sauce made with a roux of wheat flour and milk, is common in lasagna.

However, there are infinite alternatives. Vegetable lasagna is currently in vogue, replacing pasta sheets with rolled vegetables such as zucchini or eggplant. Calorie savings are important, and it makes it a suitable dish for vegans.

If you want to add an exceptional lasagna in your menu, it is advisable to buy raw materials from Italian Food suppliers.


There is no consensus when it comes to establishing the origins of this stuffed pasta. For some scholars, they come from China and were brought to Italy.

The new kitchen also uses ravioli profusely because of its possibilities when using fillings of all kinds. Get in touch with Italian Food companies such as italianfood.netand buy a range of products at the best prices.