By Er Adv Roshan Nazareth

We had a choice and a much better chance, a month back! Don’t even mention on March 24th midnight, after mercilessly shutting down the whole country, that India didn’t have a choice! To procure, prepare, educate, train and then impose, we had the chance to not get into a national emergency like this! An inefficient regime made it fate accompli!

Rahul Gandhi actually did raise the issue and tweeted about it on the 12th of Feb and wrote to the health minister about it, demanded urgent action. Go to his Twitter page to see how many trolls and bhakts abused him and called him a Pappu for saying that the novel corona virus can really cause the world and India a lot! He asked for caution, preparation and emergency measures, but was thrashed on Twitter by sanghis and Andhbakts who said he should quarantine himself or go to Agra. And on the 24th March some people are saying India doesn’t have a choice but to lockdown?

What’s this self obsession that we will never get a virus infection? Look at a tiny state in India that has travelled miles ahead in social distancing and state action to support people stay at home! It’s called wisdom and sensitivity! Don’t blame the population and the density of our cities, because some people don’t know how to govern! Now whose loss is that we have elected this joker’s army to power who have no vision or leadership except to make people feel ultranationalist and chest thumping! He is like the monkey who got a flower garland in his hands! All he knows is to tear it apart!

Their priority was MP Govt’s toppling and the Jay Shah’s IPL debut? Their priority even in the Corona times is that their Gujju Binami company should get the rights to produce essential medical kits for testing the virus! Even after so many warnings they got us to this stage! We are not lying far away from China, like Italy and Spain! And we got a five month neat warning since Nov 2019! Did MoNa think, like that trumpet racist ass, that only Chinese will get infected or something? Does he think? Or that dung and urine will cure this? Ye aadmi kya maal peeta hei? I would like to try it one day, but not when I have the legal right to kill and make people suffer.

Now let’s face the civil war (only going by the market panic I witnessed in Delhi streets after the PM’s 8pm speech)! Lakhs of people who earn daily bread (forget butter) are told by their PM that (they can kill and eat each other but) they should not get out of their homes! Sir, 1.77 million people don’t have homes in this country! Stay at home, for them too? Whose home, yours or mine? What the hell have you done to make sure people don’t panic? Bloody theatrics is all that you know and can deliver! Was it so difficult to give reassurance to the people who voted you to power?

His Balaji studio minister was yesterday promoting #TwitterAntakshari. What a great idea, madam ji?! The worst, indifferent rulers in history were probably better off…

There is visible militarisation on the streets of Delhi already! I just hope people find their own wisdom in the absence of a wise, civil leadership! Let there be some magic, Let there be Peace!