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JID-PCB Group is said to be a high-tech industrial control board assemble manufacturer where they design, develop, manufacture and sell direct thermal path PCBs and much more. They are the most competitive enterprise in the domestic high-end printed circuit industry.

The company is people-centred where they are in-tune with the spirit of innovation and strive to transcend vehemently. In order to make sure that there is the satisfaction of the growing market demands, there is a new factory launched that produces small and medium volumes.

Since 1997, there has been a vehement swift manufacturing of sample board, small and medium batches of the PCB. In order to meet the customer demand of high, medium and low-end, there is a small batch and multi-batch flexible production system that meets the monthly production of 10,000 types. The company further makes sure that they meet the double sided board processing within 24 hours where they also make sure to complete multi-layer processing, which is within 2 to 4 days.

The efficient communication motherboards assemble manufacture has a professional quality management team which implements advanced planning and also prevention. There is also in-process monitoring, post improvement, standardization and also other quality management adherences. This industrial control board assemble manufacturer also has complete detection equipment in order to carry-out the entire process monitor so that the parameters and quality can be processed efficiently.

There are many advanced equipment’s like the drilling 6 stations, DES line, Jet Master Machine, Fixture Test, Routing, Auto V-Cut Machine, Solder Mask Print, Impendence Test, AOI Test, Stack up Room, OPE Machine, X-Ray, PTH, Plating, Flying Probe Tester, Burkle Pressing Machine, Collimated Exposure Machine, and Micro Section. With regards to the products, there are impeccable PCBs, FPCs, PCBAs, Stencil manufacturing, and many more.

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Business Name: JID-PCB GROUP
Contact Person: Mr. Wei
Country/Region: China
Street Address: ROOM605-608, Shining Golden Business Centre, Tongfuyu Industrial Zona, Shajing Town
City: Shenzhen
State: Guangdong
Postal Code: 518104
Phone No: 0086 150 1791 6509
Email Address: