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Ningbo Aveco Import and Export are opined to be one of the best manufacturers of bamboo utensils and everyday use products which are biodegradable. The company offers the best reusable coffee cup, bamboo travel mug, bamboo lunch box and many more. The main focus of the company stands on the ecological balance. The manufacturing process of the products is done on a total natural basis where there is no inclusion of any toxic chemicals. The main product or speciality of this business is the bamboo cup and reusable coffee cup.

There are many types of bamboo products for you to buy like bamboo toothbrush, bamboo plates, bamboo straws, and kid’s dinner set. Since there are many products available, customers can choose from a lot of choices which is according to their lifestyle and taste. The company ensures that there is a quality natural manufacturing process where the products are sold in an affordable range.

Being the leading and highly sought after manufacturer of the bamboo lunch box, there is a lot of vehement attention given towards restoring of the environment. The cutlery manufactured isbiodegradable where it does not add up any toxic waste to the environment. The product is said to be FDA approved where it is further designed for daily used. The lunch boxes manufactured are cost-effective so that everyone can buy the products.

The kid’s dinner set is said to be the company’s bestselling item where the set is inclusive of a plate, a cup, a bowl and a cutlery. There are a lot of designs with this product where it is also FDA approved. The main aim of the company is to manufacture products which are loved by the kids but is also pocket friendly to the parents.

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Contact Person: Sandra
Country/Region: China
Street Address: Room 907-1, Longxing Building, No.538, Songjiang Middle Road, Zhonghe Street, 315100, Ningbo, Zhejiang
City: Ningbo
State: Zhejiang
Postal Code: 315105
Phone No: +8613095916115
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