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There are many styles of dump trailers ranging from large tandem axle trailers pulled by semi trucks to small single axle trailers with different load capacities. However, the most useful type of dump trailer is single axle trailer with a load capacity of 60W X 8L 5,000GVWR from Bri Mar manufacturer.

At Crawford Trailer Sales you will find Single axle dump trailers in many configurations. The most useful can be converted from a flat bed dump to a standard dump trailer capable of hauling loose material simply by the addition of removable side panels. The dump feature can be a hydraulically operated cylinder that raises the bed to a typical incline of 45 degrees. This gives a sufficient angle to unload whatever material is being hauled.

There are numerous manufactures producing these products. When looking for single axle dump trailers for sale one of the easiest places to obtain this is at which has the best trailers for sale from Bwise trailers, Bri Mar, tilt trailer, and used trailer.

Single axle dump trailers at Crawford Trailer Sales has specification of

5 Tube Main Frame
2-5/16 Adjustable Coupler
8k Drop Leg Jack
Combo Gate Only
5.2k Ii Single Axle – Electric
St225/75r15d Radial White Spoke
Group 27 Deep Cycle Battery
3 Single Acting Cylinder

The best advantage of this type of trailer is obviously the dump feature which eliminates the need for any hand unloading of materials.

Another useful feature of these trailers would be in hauling lawnmowers, tillers, ATVs, and other small equipment. The dump feature allows unloading of equipment without the use of cumbersome ramps and increases the safety in unloading since the equipment is unloaded directly onto the ground eliminating the tricky and dangerous transition from trailer to ramp. Crawford Trailers ensures that their dump trailers take this very use into account with a self unloading feature that consists of a pivot point on the axle. You simply unlatch the bed from the trailer frame at the front and drive the piece of equipment toward the rear of the trailer.

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