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If you’ve ever run a blog or website you’ve probably experienced some down time for one reason or another that was completely out of your control. Most of the time it’s just a case of the host doing some scheduled maintenance or a server being down for a short while But other times it could be something a bit more serious.

What would happen if your host’s data centre was caught in the middle of a natural disaster or end of the world apocalypse and got shut down for a n unknown period of time? Then what would you do to keep your site up and running?

Well, fine, it probably won’t be an end of the world apocalypse, but still, wouldn’t it be ideal for your hosting company to have some sort of recovery solution that kicks in in the worst of times?

WP Engine

Enter WP Engine‘s Hot Standby — their new service that does just that.
This new solution offers WP Engine customers a “fully-automated, geographically-redundant, always-on system for their more crucial web applications”. In other words, if the main data centres are compromised you will still be able to keep your site up and running at all times.

They’re doing this by automatically re-routing the traffic from your site to another data centre, keeping it up and running at all times and in all cases. So much so that you won’t even have any more of those pesky downtime issues due to scheduled maintenance either. Each server is updated one after another, ensuring that there is no (or very minimal) disruption to your site.

So if you run large sites with an even larger number of visitors that you don’t want to disappoint I’d suggest taking a deeper look into this new service and taking it into consideration. It might just make the difference when the next major natural disaster strikes.

we highly recommend their managed WordPress hosting services. The uptime has been excellent and their support is always there to offer assistance in any situation.

What are you waiting for? Give them a try for a risk free 60 days and see for yourself.