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Do you know that logo or text you see on metal or wood products? They are engraved by a laser machine. Consequently, the chosen image must have the characteristics accepted by the machine’s software, for example, adequate size, resolution, and format.

All of these details can be edited in AutoCAD, including the definition of the drawing for cutting. After this preparation, the image is sent to the software that comes with the machine.

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What are the advantages of choosing a laser cut to finish your product?

If we compare a cut on a router machine with a cut on a laser machine, it gains more precision in cutting and engraving due to superior technology and facilities.

Laser cutting does not leave burrs on the material, avoiding additional costs for its removal.

Choosing a good material will influence the final product, this choice includes the raw material and the type of machine used for laser cutting engraving. A piece with impeccable finish conveys professionalism and quality. The customer’s perception and impact on the visual exposure of your product or service will decide the final consumption.

All this as an ally in the disclosure of your products, so invest in quality products.

Arouse the interest of your customers, for each situation, there is a different product for display.

How does it work?

Within digital manufacturing, there is laser technology. This works in the following way. With the help of steel marking stamps and set of lenses and mirrors, we will direct a laser beam onto a surface of the material to be cut or engraved.

Both the cut and the engraving on the surface of the material that we have chosen will be done precisely. This is thanks to the fact that we will use a CNC machine. But to carry out this task, we will need a 2D vector file that contains the information that we want to cut or record.

Laser engraving involves the cutting or laser engraving of identification and signage plates, or laser engraving directly made on the product. You can also specify a laser engraving by clipping the item and the internal and external signage when engraving badges, heritage signs or other signs.

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