Are you confused about the country-specific domain such as .pk domains and .com domain extension? Here we will describe the query in detail.
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What is a domain?

Domain name is used to identify the address of the website. Likewise, every home has an address, every website also has a unique address called domain name. For example, is a domain.

Types of domain extensions

Domain extensions are of different types. Some common extensions are .com, .net, .co, .org, .us, .pk etc. Depending upon the reasons and location, the website domain is selected.

Country-Specific domain

Domain extension that is location-based is known as country-specific domains. For example, .us is for the United States, .ca is for Canada, .pk is for Pakistan. This domain should be selected if your website is targeting only the local audience. Therefore, depending upon the targeted audience, one can choose the domain name. For example, if your business is limited to Canada. You should use a country-specific domain extension (.ca).
.com Extension

Another extension is .com extension. It is the most commonly used extension. It is not a location or country-specific domain. But it is used generally all over the world. When your targeted audience is all over the world. Such as if you have a blogging site and your topic of discussion is for the people all around the world. Then .com extension is for you.

Benefits of Country Specific domain

Country specific domain and .com domain extension has different benefits. Firstly, let us discuss country-specific domain extension. When your targeted audience is country-specific, it is better to use the country-specific domain. Because your customers will trust you as they can access you easily. Moreover, if you have a language-specific website, its best to use the region specified domain extension. It’s a simple strategy that you can follow.

Benefits of .com Domain

Besides this, the .com extension also has its benefits. This is a common domain used all over the world. Most of the internet users are familiar with this extension. SEO experts suggest using .com extension because it works best in most of the search engines. Moreover, you can develop easy backlinks with a .com extension. If you have an option to move for .com extension, and it is in your budget. Then must join the .com extension.

Cons of Country Specific Domain

Along with the benefits, country-specific domain extension has its drawbacks too. It limits your business and audience. Your website will rank in the specified countries. Search engines will not consider your site for searches in other regions. Specific domain can be shifted to another domain name but it might be difficult in later stages.

Cons of .com Domain

This .com domain also has some cons. Since this is the most famous and commonly used domain extension, it may be difficult to find the perfect domain name related to your business brand available on the .com extension. Moreover, the .com domain can prove to be quite costly for you.