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Telm designs and manufactures filling and capping machines since its inception in 1972. The company started designing automatic and semi-automatic machines with volumetric dosers for industries such as food, chemical, cosmetics. The company designs and produces machines that can suitably handle glass as well as plastic containers and can fill them with products of various viscosities. Products offered by the company include hand sanitizer filling machine, sanitizing gel filling machines, hand sanitizer dosing machine, gel sanitizer filling machine among others.

Products Offered by the Company:

Rotary Machines

Rotary machines are designed to fill and cap containers in an automated way. This type of automatic machine is suitable for work environments where a strong machine with compact dimensions is required. It reduces the need for manual intervention by a machinist.

Linear Machines

Telm designs and manufacture filling and capping lines to allow fill containers with liquid as well as dense products. These machines are made of AISI316 stainless steel, which makes them suitable for different industries like food, chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic. The company offers tailor-made machines according to the need of customers.

Semi-Automatic Filling Machine

The company produces semi-automatic filling machines that offer accuracy, versatility, reliability and ease of use. The machines are designed with volumetric piston fillers, which are made of AISI316 stainless steel. The machines allow filling liquid or dense products into glass or plastic bottles, maintaining accuracy. This type of machine is used in cosmetic, food, para-pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. It has the capacity to fill from 1ml to 5600ml, depending on the model. The volume of filling can be adjusted manually, using a handwheel. The dosers designed by the company work with 6bar compressed air and have simple and intuitive controls.

Semi-Automatic Capping Machine

Capping machines manufactured by Telm are suitably used for pre-threaded plastic caps, press-on caps and twist-off caps. The capping machines are produced using stainless steel and operated with a 6bar pressure. In addition, a practical double-switch drive is fitted to the machines and they have interchangeable capping heads.

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About the Company

Telm is a company that designs and manufactures filling and capping machines for every need since 1972. The machines manufactured by the company come with solid and reliable structures. The company aims at providing precision to filling of products in various industries. Along with precision and reliability, the company ensures customization as per customer specification. High-quality stainless steel material and commercial pneumatic components of Italian origin are used to manufacture the products.