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Ghazal Indian Restaurant and Bar, Werribee, Australia has announced a ‘Free Meal pack’ for senior citizens and Students due to coronavirus lockdown Melbourne. This offer is valid for now only till the Lockdown situation in town.

Restaurant is responding to the Covid-19 threat by adding take out / Pick up service only. From Monday, the Restaurant will only offer pickup and delivery options and will suspend Dine in-restaurant for now due to Lockdown till the next update from the government.

“We have had massive cancellations, especially with group corporate and social bookings moving forward,” the owner of Ghazal Restaurant said. “It’s worrying times, but we will keep pushing and do what we can.

The government announced yesterday that food venues will be able to become takeaway and delivery services on Lockdown situation. Ghazal Indian Restaurant has launched a “FREE MEAL PACK” takeaway initiative for Students and senior citizens to help the community and serve as much as possible, pick up meals at the Restaurant (1 meal per person) from 5 pm to 6:30 pm only. Restaurant offering a 10 percent discount on the food bill take away.

We have had a tremendous amount of support. Yesterday was the day we had launched ‘Free meal pack’, and I’m overwhelmed with orders today of people really involved and really love the idea. ‘It’s been a really encouraging response from the Werribee locals, which we knew anyway because Melbourne city community ambiance and attitude have been really good. Fortunately, it’s not all ruin and gloom. Restaurant is now responding to the Covid-19 threat by adding take-out and/or delivery to their customers. This means we can support our favorite during these disturbing times and enjoy a damn good meal at home.

“While we’ve temporarily suspended eating-in at our restaurants, fans of Ghazal Restaurant food will still be able to come in pick-up only.” Said Manager. In order to take advantage of the ‘Free meal pack’ Student ID card may be asked for verification. The Offer is valid until Victoria state emergency in places or valid until 10 April 202.

Feel free to call us for order online