Langenzenn, March 22nd 2020 – As the Corona virus (Covid-19) continues to spread across the world, it is not only threatening the health of individuals, but also puts the economy at risk. In addition to the public demand for support measures by governments around the globe, enterprises are now encouraged to have their employees work from home to minimize the risk of contact with the virus. Next to schools and public administration offices, a great number of enterprises is not adequatly prepared for this call, or rather, necessity. It is hard to meet these requirements within the shortness of time when taking the conventional route via VPN and end devices with installed client software. Accessing systems and applications via internet using any end device is the fastest and most elegant way to accomplish this goal. The only prerequisite in this scenario is a common browser.
Free software to prepare for home office provided by beyond SSL.
To support enterprises in the current crisis, beyond SSL offers remote access from any end device with a browser, regardless of the operating system or hardware platform, with a free, full version of SparkView ICE up until September 30th 2020. The greatest benefit of SparkView lies within its simplicity. No additional software is needed – neither on the client, nor on the target system. Complex rollouts lapse and the pre-existing security and firewall settings do not have to be modified. The installation of SparkView takes place on commercial servers or VMs inside the enterprise. Usually, users of SparkView go live within 60 – 90 minutes. In case of emergency, employees can work from home in no time and without a loss of productivity. No additional charges will arise and the free SparkView ICE license simply expires.

Register at using the promo code “SVPM3AFF2166” and receive a download link to get your free version of SparkView. For further information about SparkView, please visit