Aquawhite,India’s kids’ oral care major from the house of JHS Svendgaard LaboratoriesLimited (JHS) has come up with two new hugely popular characters in their kids oralcare product range. The brand has collaborated with Peppa Pig and Hello Kitty ,adding them to its existing range of character based toothbrushes andtoothpaste. The launch of Hello Kitty and Peppa Pig as #Brushmates is to furtherstrengthen  its existing product lineupof kids celebrity #Brushmates. Both PeppaPig and Hello Kitty toothbrushes are offered with an inbuilt two minutes auto-off light that blinks all alongwith their brushing activity. The two minutes flash will excite and guide thelittle ones to brush for a specified duration twice a day, the recommendedbrushing time by dentists. Keeping inmind the delicate nature of kids, the toothbrush is completely waterproof andshockproof. Its ultra-soft bristles are specially designed for kids’ teeth andgums, while the head of the toothbrush fits comfortably around their teeth andmouth.  Withintegration of  kids favourite charactersin toothbrushes, palatable flavours in fluoride free toothpastes, music, lightand innovative freebies like finger puppets and sand timer, Aquawhite has trulywalked the talk with #AbNoMoreBoringBrushing   Speakingon the launch Neetal Narang, President, Aquawhite said, “Ataquawhite, we understand the sensitivities involved in developing any productfor kids. While we are mindful of their delicate nature, we also make sure thatinculcating best oral care practices is an enjoyable affair.  With industry first differentiatedofferings, covering both functional and desirability aspects, aquawhite hasreceived a tremendous acceptance to its products, as is evident from reports ofcredible industry analysts like Nielson. We are continuously adding value,chartering new territories and making sure that aquawhite becomes the firstchoice brand when it comes to kids oral care.” The HelloKitty range includes two colors, Pink and Baby Pink, adorning the theme of thecharacter whereas Peppa Pig range is available in two varieties – set of three  and an individual toothbrush, in two brightcolors blue and green. The range is ideal for the 2-8 year group and kid-safe. “Hello Kitty and Peppa Pig are amongst the kid’s favourite characters,the products will excite kids and help them adopt right practices in oral hygiene.,” sheadded.