It can be stress-free and enjoyable in New Zealand to drive if you make sure that you have done your homework, have the knowledge of the road rules and take care of the road. As a comparison to the other countries, NZ has less traffic on its roads so if you are interested in a truck hire Auckland to relocate or move it can be a good decision. But you have to be careful while you driving the larger and unfamiliar rental trucks.

Tips for driving truck rentals

At North West Rentals we want our truck rental customers to have a great experience and as safety is a major priority for us we are sharing some of the truck driving safety tips. You can follow these safety tips while you drive the truck hire Auckland, especially if you’ve to relocate and unaware of the road code or if you haven’t driven a van or truck before.

1. Know about the controls before you start moving

2. Keep the movement as simple as possible

3. Allow extra time to change the lanes as trucks are big and require longer time to complete driving through maneuvers.

4. Make sure you allow longer braking distances as trucks are heavier and cumbersome.

5. Carefully and slowly reverse, you can also get the help of someone to back out if required.

6. Be alert while moving through the narrow gaps such as bridges and power lines.

7. Ensure the doors are shut properly.

8. Check mirrors frequently to ensure you don’t step onto other motorist’s toes.

9. Take necessary precautions while driving in the morning and evening as during that time visibility decreases.

10. An overexcited driver is a distracted driver.

You have to keep in mind the above tips it helps you drive smoothly. Now thinking where to switch for truck hire Auckland? No worries!!! North West rental are renowned, reliable, low-cost and easy truck hire company offering furniture box truck hire, cargo van hire, minivan hire, passenger van hire & many more at affordable prices.

Pick up your phone and talk to our experts to discuss your requirement for a vehicle hire or get free quotes for your moving now!!!