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The swiss company HTS Global AG is well-known for its high-quality brand ThermTrace.

At the moment the entire world is facing a global pandemic and there is a lot of insecurity. HTS Global AG regularly receives emails and phone calls from worried customers. Fabian de Soet, CEO of HTS Global AG, reassures the company will remain open to serve their customer’s needs.

HTS Global AG has taken measures to ensure its employees safety to avoid an outbreak of the virus and also to keep their customers safe.

Fabian de Soet says, HTS Global AG has already taken precautions and has enough products on stock to meet its customers demand. Despite taking all of the possible precautions, nobody knows how long this pandemic will last and what shipping regulations might change due to new rules by governments, therefore HTS Global AG encourages its customers to stock up on the products, so they will not have to face possible shortages in the future.

Fabian de Soet and his team at HTS Global AG are always happy to help with all of your enquiries.

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