If you are planning to Buy Oriental Rugs, and wondering what makes a hand-knotted oriental rug cost $ 200 while another fairly similar one costs $ 2,000 or more?

What is the basis for the price of a carpet is several different factors that we will determine below. From the base price, the artistic quality is then assessed, and the craftsman’s work is compared to similar rugs of the same style to obtain the final price.


It takes longer to weave a large rug, which also makes it more expensive.

The color:

Are the colors well combined on the carpet? What is the mode of dyeing materials? If the natural colors blend well, the price will be higher.

Style and origin:

There are big differences in craftsmanship and quality of materials between a Persian rug and an Indian rug. Similarly, conditions differ between a carpet produced in the workshop and a carpet knotted by nomads. If you want to buy an original one, it is always advisable to buy it only from Best Oriental Rugs Store.

Composition and patterns:

Depending on whether the carpet has a pattern covering its entire surface or a single smaller pattern, its price will be affected. If it is a detailed design that takes longer to complete, the price will be higher.

The subjects:

The materials used and their quality are important factors in determining the price. A silk carpet, for example, is more expensive than a wool carpet. Even the material that was used for the chain is important.

The technique:

A woven rug takes significantly less time to make than a hand-knotted rug.


The type of knot used and the density of the knotting of the carpet are of great importance. A tight knotted rug conditions a high price since it took longer to make it.


Antique Persian rugs hand-knotted often have a higher price, but age is not the determining factor. An old carpet often has a charm that it has acquired over time and that is difficult to find on recent carpets.


If the carpet is in good condition and is not damaged, it is more expensive than if it is removed, frayed or if its colors are faded.

The comparison between recent and old production is however biased by the fact that only the best carpets from old production are kept.