Ventaforce, the leading MLM software, has upgraded itself with advanced features to enhance Customer Relationship Management (CRM) skills of network marketing professionals. The software has introduced several additions to its existing feature set that’ll help marketers build stronger relations with their customers.

The new features are developed with transformative technologies and aimed to challenge the conventional ways of managing customers. Members of an MLM network can use these features from Ventaforce app/software and modernize their traditional CRM methods across all marketing channels.

CRM Driven by Sharing-Economy

The purpose of these advancements is to empower MLM companies with the resources required for building access-based marketplaces. In such marketplaces, the processes and activities of direct selling are translated into shared economic outcomes. Ventaforce is now equipped with features that can transform an ownership-based marketplace into an access-based marketplace.

A customer of cosmetics products is likely to respond better to the efforts of a direct seller if the products are being sold on the basis of access. Here, the ownership of a product is less important. But, access to using such products is given more exclusivity, which drives the customers towards strengthening their relations. Ventaforce has upgraded itself with the sharing-economy concept that improves a direct-sellers’ engagement in a marketplace. These CRM features help marketing professionals learn that the attitudes of customers towards ownership are potentially different from those who purchase similar products through access-based marketplaces.

Building a Peer-Guided Marketplace

The software also aims to support the development of a peer-guided marketplace for direct selling. The new features will transform less-experienced salespeople into marketing experts. It will enable them to create and maintain relationships by using the investigative powers of multidimensional technologies.

Chatbots and real-time grievance redressals are the two most important CRM features added to Ventaforce. They play a strategic role in identifying the CRM-related success factors for developing a robust peer-guided direct selling marketplace.

Website support and social media integrations of Ventaforce have also gone advancements. Their use can bring value to an MLM company in any highly-competitive marketing channel. It can, in turn, lead to a growing customer reliance on the MLM brand. Such brand development activities keep customers close to the company. Intuitively, the modern technologies used for the improvement of CRMs in Ventaforce will enable direct sellers and consumers, both, to diversify their use of communication technologies.

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Sankalp Computers & Systems is the developer of Ventaforce MLM software. Being a leading software development company, Sankalp continues to boost the efficiency of its brainchild – Ventaforce. Over the decade, it has added multiple technologies in Ventaforce and improved the MLM software to meet the critical CRM and sales requirements of direct-selling companies. Ventaforce continues to be a pivotal force driving the cultivation of steadfast customer relationships and sales performance improvements
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