Poorly managed resources and requirements causes many organizations to fail. That’s why systematic implementation of documents becomes important for analyzing, and prioritizing requirements. Traditional methods like spreadsheets, word document template, Excel or Google Sheets etc. are used for requirement managements since long. But there are many other advanced tools available today which are dedicated to manage requirements.

You can choose from range of popular requirements management tools available in market are Accompa, Visure Requirements, Jama Software, Requirements Hub, ReqChecker, Aha, Stories On Board, Blueprint, Pond, iRise, Visual Trace Spec and many more.

Design Input (DI) and Output (DO) requirements management tool designed by Orcanos make it easy for tracking your requirements and flexible enough to serve Small-Mid Businesses (SMBs) and powerful for enterprises.

Important Key Features of Orcanos’s Requirements Management Tools offers-

• Support for different software development methodologies

• Hierarchical organization

• Traceability

• Collaboration features

• Import requirements from other tools/systems

• Security and permissions

• Simple Import/Export from Word

• Electronic Signature, Review and Audit

• Real-time dashboards, alerts, and notifications

Integrated Design Control with a regulatory compliance and quality management system in a central repository is a simple; Part 11 validated system that satisfies any level of requirements of the QA, RA, and R&D departments, it also supports Hardware, Software, embedded products, and automates End-to- end traceability needs across entities. Efficient tools provided by Orcanos, enables you to generate data in the form of Word documents including e-sign at any point.

As one of the leading companies in software industry , Orcanos proud to serve most significant organizations in the high-tech industry namely Zimmer, Medset, Airspan Networks, Mazor Robotics, AVO-ADAM, Synergetik, Kornit Digital, Argo Medical, QSite, Johnson & Johnson and many other reputed industries.

About Orcanos Software

Orcanos provides a cloud ALM system that combines quality (QMS) and regulations into the R&D process, thus assuring better FDA, ISO, CE compliance. It is a trusted firm to hire for Pharmaceuticals, And Medical Devices, and High-Tech & Electronics solutions. Consult Orcanos Software to receive most efficient Requirements Management Tools and other software engineering solutions for your organizations.

Visit at https://www.orcanos.com/compliance/products/requirements-management/ To talk directly, call on +972-3-5372561 or send your queries at info@orcanos.com.