Hailing from Ireland, Daniela is a talented singer and songwriter with a passion for beautiful melodies and relatable sonic aesthetics. Recently, she announced the release of her debut EP Kiss preceded by a fantastic Single titled “Oceanblue,” which was released in June 2019. As an Independent Artist, Daniela has been working hard to establish her sound and create a strong following. She collaborated with some of the best producers in the United States to prove her point with an outstanding debut.

Galway, Connacht, Ireland., March 20, 2020 — What makes this release special is definitely the fact that Daniela sings with passion and unique intensity.

On the one hand, her voice has got the sultry appeal of pop, while on the other, she can be energetic and edgy like a true rocker. Furthermore, the production is of highest quality standard and the elements in the project are very balanced, creating a perfect equilibrium, with just the right bias of technical excellence and performance essence.
Daniela spared no effort in order to create music that would really connect with people, and nobody needs to be a rock or pop fan to find some value in her honest, genuine songs. Kiss is a powerful, diverse EP which stands out for its modern sound. Each song is polished and crisp, but these beautiful compositions are never overproduced, allowing a lot of wonderfully organic and “human” elements to really add liveliness to the mix.

In addition to her focus on promoting this EP, Daniela actively supports charity Threshold Ireland tackling the issue of homelessness within the country. Her music is positive, sharing a very uplifting message of love, hope, and understanding whilst inspired by artists such as Lana del Rey and even rock-based acts such as Evanescence, only to mention but a few. Daniela shows no signs of slowing down and she is already at work on a brand-new EP, which is set to feature seven tracks that will be recorded at the world-famous Windmill Lane Recording Studios, Dublin on 5th June 2020.

EP Kiss and Single Oceanblue have been successfully distributed by reimagined record label Amuse to the best music streaming platforms and beyond: https://ampl.ink/2DZal. Daniela´s artist homepage welcomes interested visitors at http://www.daniela-official.com and provides full information on current development.

As a newcomer in the music industry based in the vibrant current European Capital of Culture 2020, Galway, Daniela has been actively building her solo career since 2018 and is meanwhile a registered writer with the Irish Music Rights Organisation, IMRO. She enjoyed a professional private vocal education in Germany from 2003 until 2007 focussing on Musical/Pop/Rock whilst supporting bands as a background-singer and she regularly performed at Open-Mics to showcase her talent.

Without doubt, Daniela´s debut EP introduces a change of game to the music scene and her journey has begun.

About Daniela:
Daniela is focussed on song production and performance by herself as primary act. Daniela is a registered Independent Singer Songwriter with the Irish Music Rights Organisation, IMRO based in Galway, Ireland and has released her long-awaited Debut EP, Kiss. The project is a follow-up to her first Single, Oceanblue released earlier in 2019. These songs echo the work of artists as diverse as Lana Del Rey and Evanescence, making for a melodic, yet energetic sound.
Daniela´s music targets a wide audience and she actively supports an Irish charity,Threshold in resolving the homelessness issue of the country.

Daniela Krause
24 Dun Aengus
Dock Street, The Docks
Galway, H91 XRK6