After many years under the forwarding thinking leadership of Hein Rautenbach, Business Funding South Africa has made massive strides in the Financial Industry. From Accounting and Tax services to Long and Short Term Insurance, Business Funding South Africa has stood the test of time. With this in mind, the company has expanded into all sectors of the financial industry and with growth comes innovation. Therefore the company has decided to rebrand itself as Bufsa Group under leadership of Chairperson Hein Rautenbach and CEO Christiaan Laubscher.

With an overhaul of the business’s branding, a new website was developed to show our clients, we mean business. Showing a wide array of services Bufsa Group covers, the new website, showcases the company’s vision as well as providing all the necessary information one needs to see when looking for a new accountant, tax consultant or insurance broker. The website is aesthetically appealing as well as functional and easy to navigate.

The “Our Team” page of the website allows for you the user to see who exactly you are dealing with, whether locally in Cape Town or Nationally, Bufsa Group provides full transparency on all it’s dealings, with an open book policy for their clients’ peace of mind. Bufsa Group is on its way to becoming one of South Africa’s top Financial Services providers. Don’t forget to check out Bufsa Group’s monthly Blog to keep up with the latest industry news, financial tips and newest product offerings. Whether it be for personal or business needs, Bufsa Group is knowledgeable in all things accounting and tax-related and provides custom cost analysis based on your personal portfolio for all insurance services.

Don’t hesitate, when it comes to your financial well-being. Visit us at for more information, alternatively, feel free to contact us on or give us a call on 021 855 1387.