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Benmores Beds is Dartford’s trusted family-run bed shop. For over 70 years, they have been providing quality, locally made beds and mattresses to the town and its surrounding areas.

[Dartford, March 20 2020] – Benmores Beds is Dartford’s leading bed shop, providing quality beds and mattresses to its residents since 1949.

High quality, British made beds

Being a local business, Benmores Beds is committed to supporting local bed brands. In their store, customers can find all of Britain’s favourite local brands sold at highly competitive prices.

Buyers will be greeted with an array of options to choose from.

A metal bed offers design flexibility that is hard to match. The bed’s contemporary style will give any bedroom a timeless allure.

A fabric bed not only provides comfort and relaxation, but it also adds to the aesthetic value of a bedroom.

A wooden bed presents the perfect mixture of comfort and stability. From its relaxing aesthetics to its distinct scent, a wooden bed has many features that offer a soothing sleeping experience.

Personalised and honest service

Aside from the quality beds they sell, Benmores believes its personal and friendly service is a big reason it stands as Dartford’s top supplier of beds.

The staff give buyers honest and helpful advice on finding the best bed for their budget and style. They are professional at all times and will not sell buyers anything they do not need.

Benmores takes pride in its fast delivery, assembly, and old bed disposal service.

Customers can have their beds assembled for £20 and disposed of for £40.

About Benmores Beds

Benmores Beds is a local, independent and family run bed shop, supplying quality beds to Dartford residents since 1949. The shop is founded by May and Harry Benmore, and their dedication for quality service has helped their business flourish over the years. Benmores is still genuinely family-owned today, with the Benmores’ grandson, Harry, running the business.

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