USOC Bio-Medical Service is one of the renowned as well as leading medical service providers. They supply products across various countries in the world, and their product range includes most of the useful medical equipment which is being commonly used in clinic and hospitals. Their collection still expands to include some of the highly advanced patient monitors. Patient monitors are the devices which are equipped with monitoring sensors. These sensors in the monitoring device help to detect various bodily functions such as temperature, blood pressure, pulse rate, etc. These parameters help the doctors to assign particular therapy or treatment to the patient.
Philips MP50 is one of those patient monitors, which is reliable and provides the most accurate results. This device is made in a way that suits a wide range of care environments, including bedside patients too. This portable patient monitor is being used by my medical centers and is capable of serving as one of the ideal monitors.
Unimed Medical has launched one monitor, which is based on infrared technology. This wonderful device works by releasing infrared waves that are harmless to the patients. This monitor can also be used on bedside patients. The bodily functions measured by this monitor and indicated on the monitoring screen. It is also equipped with technology that sends alarm signals to the caretaker even if they are not present near the bed of the patient. Just like Philips MP50, this device can also store patients’ data and is able to flash full history whenever needed.
GE Central Station is another brand that USOC supplies. GE patient monitoring solutions are the ones that medical healthcare faculties rely on. There are a number of monitoring devices manufactured by GE. These devices differ as to the requirement of the care environment.
There are many more brands that are available at USOC, and you can refer to the official website to know more about the products and buy them.
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