The tourism industry of Vietnam continues to surge at a remarkable pace. It is today one of the quickest-growing tourist destinations in the world.

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A staggering 3000 km of coastline, hilly uplands and glimmering cities welcome you to one of the finest tourist destinations in the world – Vietnam. Since the last decade, the number of international tourists to the country has shot up to 15 million towards the close of 2018. With more and more tourists seeking to enjoy Vietnam holidays, the country has also bagged the World Travel Awards.

Leading Destinations in Vietnam

According to expert observations, Ho Chi Minh continues to be the widely preferred tourist spot.

For instance, in the year 2018, the city witnessed around 40 million visitors from around the world. Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, attracted over 6 million tourists in that year alone.

The likes of Hoi-An and Da Nang, too, have raked up considerable tourist attraction over the years.

A Sharp Surge in International Tourists

A majority of yearly visitors to Vietnam has been from the Western world.

Visitors from Europe and America, for instance, shot up by 8 per cent. Even African visitors contributed to an 18-per cent growth with their Vietnam holidays. However, it is vital to note that Cambodia and Laos registered a sharp decline, these being neighbouring countries.

The Endeavours of the Government

In the backdrop of the ever-rising number of tourists, the Vietnamese government has come up with a string of policies. From tourist development funds to relaxing intricate visa policies, steps have been taken to improve the prospects of international and domestic tourism.

While tourism continues to grow at an alarming pace, much needs to be done to stem the shortage of labour and infrastructure. Before long, the government is expected to come up with robust proposals. One such plan has been to increase the number of national guides.