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From time to time, especially in the busiest times of the year, our pool needs thorough cleaning and maintenance. Obviously, we cannot empty it constantly to proceed to such cleaning but there are intelligent solutions to clean the bottoms such as the Hayward Aquavac pool cleaner. These are its innumerable advantages:

– Do not empty your pool, or immerse yourself as a diver to proceed to clean the bottom of your pool. This is an impossible mission. To clean the bottom of the pool it is best to take advantage of the advantages offered by new technologies such as the Hayward pool cleaner. A revolutionary invention ideal for any type of pool, both public and private.

– Small in size, ideal for storage in any storage space, it is specially designed for pools that have a rectangular shape. Its use is very simple and does not require great knowledge as far as the machinery of this type is concerned. The robot submerges to the bottom of the pool and sweeps it, cleans it and sucks it automatically eliminating all the dirt that is at the bottom. And not only there, but also on the pool walls themselves.

Latest technology for pool cleaning:

To perform your task, the Hayward Aquavac pool cleaner robot starts a 2-hour cycle. To achieve its objective, it uses a PVA brush that is compatible with all types of pools and surfaces as well as any type of coatings, that is concrete, liner, fiber – a brush that also does not damage the surface and is adherent. This is the latest technology developed by Hayward and you can find in our online store of pools and accessories.

But the advantages of Hayward pool cleaners do not end here. It has a filtration bag that despite its fine porosity is highly resistant and with a filtration capacity, it manages to trap the smallest waste.

Being a robot designed for common use, changing the filter is very simple and can perform maintenance tasks quickly and comfortably. In addition, this robot is specially designed for swimming pools that, due to its location, accumulate a lot of dust or sand at its bottom.

In, we love to incorporate the latest technologies for the optimal pool maintenance, so Hayward incorporates a new intelligent navigation system that prevents the formation of knots in the pool.

At, we also deal with the two-stage home furnace and hayward pool lighting.