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GoSolutions has been part of the GoGlobal group since 2015. GoGlobal, a business renowned for their logistics planning and systems, have been part of many ground-breaking business ventures. Namely, the GoReefers Logistics venture. This venture created a company specialised in shipping perishable cargo globally.

So how does GoSolutions fit into the GoGlobal Group? They are an ERP company that specialise in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. They have a wealth of experience in the consultation, implementation, training and support of this system. Additionally, they possess an industry leading development team who can tailor the system to suit your business and any specialist needs you may have.

Additionally, GoSolutions is a certified Microsoft partner, which is no easy feat. To be certified as a Microsoft partner, businesses must have sold more than 75% of their IT solutions and services to third parties, they must have been in business for a minimum of 5 years and they must pass several Microsoft tests.

How Does GoSolutions go about implementing an ERP system?

So, the process starts with consultation, which is of vital importance. This is because GoSolutions must understand your business in its entirety, including all of its processes, in order to determine how Dynamics NAV can yield the greatest possible benefits for your business.

Next is implementation. Once GoSolutions understands how your business functions, they can start implementing Dynamics NAV. However, it is of the utmost importance that implementation is done by professionals.

During implementation, processes and individuals are affected. Therefore, it is essential to get implementation done right the first time in order to minimise disruption and maximise return. GoSolutions carefully assess their client’s needs in this phase in order to effectively translate the requirements of the client into a tailored Dynamics NAV solution, which will help the business achieve their goals.

After implementation comes training. Once the system is in place, whether it be on the cloud or locally, the stakeholders and all users must be trained in order for the client to get the maximum return on their investment.

Finally, Support. GoSolutions offers on-going support so if anything does go wrong, your staff knows who to call and you can be confident that your system and business are running smoothly.

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About the Company
GoSolutions is an experienced and certified Microsoft partner based in Cape Town. GoSolutions was started in 2003 and became part of the GoGlobal group in 2015. GoSolutions offers 4 ERP systems, which have been tailored to a specific industry, making implementation as smooth a process as possible. These ERP systems automate many business processes, making your business far more efficient.

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