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When you decide to get a WordPress website, the first thing that comes to mind is the domain name and the hosting service Without it, you possibly cannot get your site up and run. If you do not know what a hosting service is, then here is a brief introduction!

Web hosting is a service usually provided by the servers that allow you or your company to post a website online on the internet. This being one of the most important elements while setting up a WordPress site, you can now easily find the one that suits your requirement! For this several hosting services providing companies have come forward with their plans and pricing for you to choose from!

WordPress Hosting Services

Moreover, there are also types of hosting services that you can choose from, this includes- shared hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting as well as managed WordPress hosting. If you don’t have an idea of what each service specializes and which is suitable for you, why not check out an earlier article that deals with this topic.

Managed WordPress Hosting is a specialized hosting service for WordPress where all technical aspects of running WordPress is managed by the hosting providers. This is to free the website owners from technicalities so that they can completely focus on building a website and creating content.

The essentially important technical aspects including WordPress security, speed, performance, backups, caching, WordPress software updates etc. are all handled by the hosts. The hosting back-end looks much simple and highly intuitive that anybody can easily understand and manage.

It is relatively new to the web hosting business, that actually developed later with the growing popularity of the WordPress platform. Aimed at the growing number of WordPress users, it offers a simple and hassle-free hosting solution for WordPress.

With Managed hosting, you get the benefit of high performance, security as well as email stability and control. Thus, because of this, most managed hosting services tend to cost more than what a shared hosting would normally cost.

So, it is best suited for companies or websites that garner large traffic and daily users! In addition, it’s an incredible opportunity for non-tech-savvy people to start a WP website without much hassle. With guaranteed 24/7 dedicated expert services offered, managed WordPress hosting is definitely a great evolution you would not want to miss. So, we review the most popular 10 managed WordPress hosting services in this post.

Top 3 Managed WordPress Hosting Service Providers

So if you are looking into getting a Managed WordPress Hosting service for yourself, we are here today to help you out with it!

1.WP engine

A major name in the web hosting service providers, WP Engine is probably a name that you have heard before. The managed servers they provide are one of the best out there, thus this is the first on our list of Best Managed WordPress Hosting service provider. You can find the perfect hosting whether you want a managed, dedicated or cloud WordPress hosting services.

Whether you are setting up a simple personal blog or a complex site for your brand or company, with WPEngine, your requirements will be fulfilled with their in-house caching technology for massive scalability and speed!


1. Robust structure and highly redundant systems
2. Free SSL Certificate and CDN ready
3. Free Automated migration to WPEngine.
4. Daily backups, firewall, and threat detection
5. Stevie Award Winning Customer Support.
6. Flexible and multi-site ready.
7. Easy to test and deploy at any moment.


Another solution to get your site a Managed WordPress hosting is Kinsta. The site provides the users with a fully managed service that includes free migration as well as daily backups. The awesome hosting service is also optimized for speed and has super fast loading time.

Built with the Next-gen infrastructure you will surely be able to get the most out of what you pay! The powerful tools available is user-friendly and the installation and usage are simple and quick. With high security, the hosting service provider also guarantees the anti-hack system.

Key Features

1. Built with Next-Gen Infrastructure.
2. Powered by Google cloud platform
3. Plans and pricing range from cheap to expensive.
4. Secure servers with ultimate speed.
5. Daily Backups with regular updates
6. Free migration to the server.
Friendly and useful support system.
Monthly or yearly payment option.


SiteGround is a renowned name in the field of Web Hosting and it’s probably not the first time you have heard about SiteGround! Providing the users with all kind of hosting services including shared and cloud hosting services, the site also has an array of managed WordPress hosting services you can choose from!

The service providers have created an exclusive selection of stable as well as high performing machines that they set up and keep up-to-date on a regular basis. The plans they provide ranges from Starter to Super Power and you can select the one that best suits your requirement. Basically, you can find all the features you want in a Managed WordPress hosting service right here!


1. Price Plans range from Entry to Super Power!
2. Full Management of the servers on a regular basis.
3. Friendly and useful 24/7 VIP support.
4. Top hardware located in the best data center facilities.
5. Easy to test and deploy any changes to the sites.
Comes with a free domain name and 5 free managed IPs.

We recommended WP engine Hosting services for our users for Easy and Fast WordPress hosting.