A online burlesque show with performers from around the globe: Five Star Tease Presents Quaran-Tease: A Stay Home, Strip Down

Quaran-Tease: The Stay Home, Strip Down. Starting this Friday night, March 20th and Every Friday Night Moving Forward on Fivestartease.com at 7pm CST

When performers still need to make ends meet but stages all around the world are off limits, you have to get creative. And sometimes that means getting naked!

During this time of crisis all live events being canceled around the world, one burlesque performer is taking a stand…in her own home. What started as a simple request for performers online turned into over 150 performers from over 20 countries reaching out to start a online burlesque show like no other!

Mercury Stardust is a Trans-woman with over 12 years of burlesque experience, she has won international titles, helped over 100 burlesque students take the stage, runs Wisconsin’s only weekly burlesque show and now she is the host and producer of Quaran-Tease: The Stay Home, Strip Down Quaran-Tease is a 90 minute thrill ride through the privacy of performer’s real homes. With performances shot in bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, workshops and any space that would allow them to strip down. These scenes are all set to royalty free music to avoid shutting down this party! Prepare for the sudden appearance of pets, dirty laundry, spouses, and maybe even a ghost!!! Who knows, anything goes with this unique experience.

Hosted by the Ambassador of Cheese & Tease, Miss Mercury Stardust. Join her as she bridges the scenes with comedy, flare, and household chores!!!!

In every Five Star Tease Production, we celebrate every body size, color, and gender identity. We believe that every body is a burlesque body, and we are proud to showcase our work for the entire world to see.

So sit down, get that popcorn, pet your cats, and enjoy this tour of absurdity as we continue to support our performers from around the world.

Pre-Orders are now available at Fivestartease.com

$10 to buy and only $3 to rent

Contact Information: Five Star Tease at Fivestarteae@gmail.com

Mercury Stardust

Artistic Director


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