The firm’s new market outlook reveals that cobalt is used for a diverse range of commercial, industrial and military applications.

Pinheiro Cobaltum (ISIN: BREBTPACNER4), an innovative and asset diversified cobalt extraction company focused on delivering growth, cash generation and stakeholder rewards, implementing a unique investment and development strategy, today released a new market outlook that aims to reveal important characteristics and key factors regarding the profit potential of the cobalt market. These factors represent the market advantages that any investor should take into consideration.

Pinheiro Cobaltum’s newly released report sheds light on the fact that when the principal use of cobalt has become the electrodes in rechargeable batteries, the cobalt metal market got in the midst of a financial frenzy.

Only 6% of cobalt comes from mines specialized on mining cobalt. The remaining 94% is the byproduct of nickel and copper mining companies. That is why cobalt production is linked closely to the mining of these major metals.

Although lithium has been in the headlines of the battery’s evolution, cobalt is actually the tougher challenge for suppliers. The newly developed technologies will also be critically dependent on the using of cobalt, if Nickel-Cobalt-Aluminium and Nickel-Cobalt-Manganese combinations are set to dominate the all-electric vehicles (EVs).

The most important driver of demand for lithium batteries are, the report argues, electrical vehicles. The World Energy Council expects that every sixth car sold year-on-year will be electric and these factors created an explosion in demand for cobalt.

Cobalt nowadays has become more relevant than ever for investors which are looking to diversify, secure a portion of cobalt’s potential in their portfolios and capitalize on this market, while the opportunities are still available and at an early stage. Considering its tight correlation with the battery industry, cobalt is and will be in high demand for years to come.

Pinheiro Cobaltum’s market study concludes that, over time, cobalt will attract more liquidity as the EV market continues to increases in size. Commodities traders begin to enter this market more and more actively and the maturation of it will be important to the long-term success of the EV battery materials’ sector.

About Pinheiro Cobaltum (ISIN: BREBTPACNER4)
Pinheiro Cobaltum is an innovative and asset diversified cobalt extraction company focused on delivering growth, cash generation and stakeholder rewards. The firm’s profitability depends on its proven ability to develop and operate its existing and future properties on a competitive, cost effective basis. Pinheiro Cobaltum recognizes the importance of a safe and healthy work environment and is actively developing and implementing procedures, practices, training, and audit protocols across its operations to ensure the highest standards for its activities.