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Here in the following, we will let you know how to choose the best oscam server.

How to choose the best oscam server?

The annual subscription is suitable for people who like stability, of course, you take the risk. If your choice is not good, you will lose the costs for the whole year.

So if you want to test beginners cardsharing operators, it is better to start with the monthly, unless the operator already has its place on the market, and known by its reputation and everything, there you can go to an annual subscription without any problem.

CCcam or Newcamd or Mgcamd?

Newcamd is only to be chosen if you have specific needs. If in doubt, choose CCcam Europe. It is the most stable system in sharing and the fastest. It is almost compatible with all brands of the receiver, otherwise, Newcamd or Mgcamd is preferable for those who have decoders of the MORESAT, STARSAT family or a satellite card.

Calculate your “traffic” needs, the more interactive your television is, the more bandwidth or traffic you will need. Prefer at least one server with 3 to 4 CCcam lines.

If you are a beginner, prefer a cardsharing server which will include in the package options (monitoring, remote installation, updates of pay CCcam server) preinstalled. Choose a decoder. If you already have a good cardsharing decoder, you can easily transfer or install a server subscription. Otherwise, there are cardsharing operators, which offer decoders with preinstalled accounts.

Check what packages are available?

The best CCcam server generally allocates you a certain amount of TV packages. You must make sure that this corresponds to your needs, and especially about the satellites that you receive at home.

It is therefore imperative that your cardsharing operator can provide you with enough channels and packages, especially if your decoder is rich in satellites or HD / 3D channels.

A cardsharing operator on the internet who has a space for discussion and problem solving, also direct contact between subscribers on one side and assistance from servers on the other. It is the most advisable since the servers the internet is undergoing regular changes and a forum helps keep you up to date with any updates or changes offered.