Basel, Switzerland: Help’n’Trade today announced the launch of its mobile web application, a new local collaboration and a community support platform. is an application for the local exchange of skills, goods, and services. It offers a new and easy way for people to organize communal help. Individuals that are classified as at-risk (older people, people with preexisting health risks, etc.) or that are for other reasons asked to stay home and self-quarantine can use the application to request help i.e getting groceries, picking up medicine, or any other supplies. Requests for help are fully anonymous, and address information is only shared with the helping volunteer.
Help and Trade does not take any money from activities on its platform, is not supported through advertisement and is not selling any information about its users. Even though the application is currently in beta, all the required functions to connect Helpers and people in need, are available.

“We understand many people are currently faced with challenges that can be hard to handle without external support. Even though our product is not yet perfect, we hope it will help to enable people to support each other,” says Stefan Kuruc, CEO and Founder at Help’n’Trade.

Features and benefits of include.

• Simple Login via E-Mail, Facebook or Google Accounts
• Anonymous posting of help requests
• Fully Mobile-enabled for iOS, Android is already available for the public and is completely free to use. For more information on Help’n’Trade, visit